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Flamenco Resources

When you enter the world of flamenco, you enter a world of fabulous clothes, fantastic guitars and great people.

Below,  we offer a list of some of our favorite resources for living la vida flamenca.

Flamenco Dance Resources

Dance Resources

​Overseas Stores

  • Lunares –  (

    • Online flamenco shop based in Brazil.  They sell: Custom Made flamenco clothes, including their famous hand made flamenco dance skirts, costumes, tops, beautiful flamenco dresses, and accessories, including flowers, scarfs/small shawls, floral and lacey belts/ties for skirts and dresses.

      • It takes from 3 weeks to 2 months to receive their products.


  • Tamara Flamenco (

    • Online flamenco shop in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. They sell: Some of the best brands of flamenco shoes, including Begoña Cervera flamenco shoes and boots.

      • They also sell:  Flamenco clothing, including:  skirts, dresses, and Bata de Colas, long trained skirts. 

      • Trajes Cortes – Andalucian clothing, including: skirts, vests, blouses, and country/riding boots, shirts, and men’s’ and women’s slacks for performance and for the famous Spanish Féria de Abril. 

      • More products include: Flecos (fringes for tops), flowers, shawls, jewelry, fans, Sombrero Cordobes (Spanish hats) and castanets. 

      • It takes from 3 weeks to 2 months to receive their products.


  • Flamencoexport (Madrid)

    • A discount online store that sells everything for flamenco artists and students, including: Begoña Cervera and Gallardo Flamenco dance shoes, skirts, costumes, castanets, fans, shawls, flowers, jewelry and pretty hair combs, and more.  They are definitely a great store. 

      • t takes 2 months to receive shoes, and often less time for other products.

  • Flamenco Closet  (Granada) 

    • As one of their web links notes, they have everything in flamenco land that you’ll need to study, practice and perform flamenco dance, including: flamenco dance costumes, skirts, dresses, and Bata de Colas.  They also sell:  Shawls, Fans, Blouses and Tops, Jewelry, scarves, Jalé castanets, flowers, and Sombrero de Cordobes (Spanish hats)

    •  Flamenco shoes:  I don’t know this brand, but you can inquire on the website: Happy Dance flamenco shoes.  I can’t recommend then, but give them a call!


Stores in the U.S.

  • Menkes   (New York)

    • A beautiful, and well-known flamenco shoe brand, Menkes flamenco shoes store is located at:  250 W 54th St., 6th Floor, N.Y., N.Y.

    • The New York store also sells skirts and flamenco accessories.  Call Sra. Teresa at 212-541-8401


  • Lands Far Away  ( Florida

    • Based in Florida, this elegant online shop features beautiful Spanish fans, Shawls/Mantons, Castanets, Jewelry and Spanish hair combs-Peinetas.  They also sell flamenco shoes, however, the fans and shawls are what make this store.


Stores in SoCal and the Los Angeles area

  • Flamenco West  ( Shoes, flamenco products

    • A great new flamenco products store in the Los Angeles area, Flamenco West is the only west coast seller of  Senovilla Artesasno flamenco shoes from Sevilla.

    • They also sell women and men’s flamenco boots, shawls, skirts, castanets and fans.  The shoes are by far their most beautiful and in demand product.



    • Based on Catalina Island, Flamenco products importer Elena sells Gallardo flamenco shoes, another well-known and popular brand, based in Spain. 

    • She also sells shawls/Mantons, Jewelry, hair combs, fans and Filigranas castanets. 

    • Email her at: to request what is currently in her shop.


  • Naranjitas 

    • Naranjitas flamenco dance studio and boutique is located at: 423 So. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, CA 92804, at Suite Q for the Boutique.

    • The boutique currently sells the famous and beautiful flamenco shoe brand Begoña Cervera.  These are quite possibly the most comfortable and well-lived flamenco dance shoes.  My personal favorite!

Flamenco Guitars

Flamenco Guitar

Stores in SoCal and the Los Angeles area

  • Dan Zeff Guitars  Canoga Park

    • Dan is a great flamenco guitarist himself, and has years of experience dealing in fine guitars. He's where we go first to buy guitars.

    •  He also sells a very complete lien of flamenco books, CDs and DVDs.

      • By appointment only

  • Guitar Salon International (GSI) Santa Monica

    • GSI deals in fine classical and flamenco guitars and accessories. Their staff is very knowledgeable  and they offer a wide selection of instruments from beginner models to rare collectable models by the finest builders.

      • By appointment only

  • Los Angeles Classical Guitars Pasadena

    • Billy Arcila is a fine classical guitarist and offers a range of student to concert level guitars and accessories.

    • By appointment only

  • Vasquez Guitar Shop Los Angeles

    • German Vasquez Rubio builds and sells fine classical and flamenco guitars. 

    • He is also the go to repairman for all professional flamenco guitarists in the L.A. area.

Stores in Spain

Flamenco Podcasts


One of the best ways to get your flamenco fix on a weekly basis is to subscribe to some of the wonderful flamenco podcasts coming out of Spain.  Here are the ones we listen to regularly.

Guides and Handouts


In the process of teaching college classes and workshops across the West, we've created handouts about a number of different subjects.  These offer a a closer look at many of the subjects we teach our students.

Online Resources - If you want to research flamenco from a Spanish point of view, one great trick is to use the Spanish Google. You'll get more useful results than you would if you used Google in English.

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