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Flamenco at Home

While we're all safe at home, waiting out the pandemic together, we can take the time to explore flamenco more deeply and, in doing so, connect more deeply with the flamenco community around the world.

On this page, we have brought together a list of flamenco resources that can help you do this.

We hope you find them useful. Please, let us know of any resources you think should be added to these lists.


Stephen Dick and Katerina Tomás

Studio Flamenco 

Mojácar  Flamenco



Flamenco Flamenco

The Flamenco Trilogy

Bodas de Sangre

El Amor Brujo


Latcho Drom

Gypsy Heart


For an in-depth, nearly daily dose of flamenco music, interviews and news, there's nothing better than the various weekly podcasts put out by the Spanish national radio and television service, RTE.


These programs explore both contemporary flamenco and flamenco's rich history. Also, they're a great chance to improve your Spanish and getting used to hearing the Andalusian accents you're going to hear the next time you're in Spain.


These are some of our favorites 

Nuestro Flamenco


Planeta Jondo

Temple Y Pureza



Rito y Geografía del Cante

This extraordinary series of videos, originally broadcast on RTVE2 from 1971 through 1973, are an in-depth look at flamenco at that time.

YouTube Playlists

Veo Flamenco

A channel focussing on contemporary flamenco artists

These are playlists Studio Flamenco has compiled for our students. - a starting point for exploring flamenco online.

Contemporary Flamenco Guitar

Traditional Flamenco Guitar

Hijos de Andalucía: Tomatito

An in-depth look at the art of flamenco guitar icon Tomatito

El Chalo

A documentary on the flamenco of the Albaicín neighborhood of Granada.

Flamencas, mujeres, fuerza y duende

A powerful documentary on the struggles of female flamenco artists.

The Soulful Art of a Flamenco Guitar

A brief documentary on flamenco guitar builder from the Conde family in Madrid

The Mystery at the Heart of Flamenco 

This is an exploration of the elements of flamenco from the point of view of contemporary British composer David Bruce


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